Dalle 14:00 Alle 16:00,
European Indie Music Network Presenta:
Formula Indie.
(è uno show radiofonico di 2 ore al giorno incentrato sulla musica indipendente.
Valorizzando la musica indipendente si promuove la diversità artistica
e si dà voce a realtà musicali meno conosciute,
ma altrettanto valide e creative.
Promuovendo la cultura legata alla musica indipendente
si sostiene quindi anche un modo di fare e di vivere la musica più inclusivo e partecipativo

playlist del 01/05/2023
Tyler Brooker – Hypocrite
Mister Co. – Make You Feel Alright
V of 40M – Martin Luther
Pacificaze – Wanderlust
Coke Beats – Love Apart
Justin Turk – Truth in Lies
Kt – I’m Damn Fine
Dehko ft. SomeArabGu – The Basics
AV Super Sunshine – Skeleton Man
Rodney Cromwell – The Winter Palace
Tim Easton – Sliver of Light
Gramercy Arms – Messed Up and Beautiful
Ruth Blake – Not Your Angel
A Shoreline Dream – Driveaway
Candy Coffins – Another Kiss
Evidence of a Struggle – Alans Song
Suburban Spell – Bright Gold Cross
Roman Angelos – Swimming Through The Aisles (Teeming Mix)
Para Lia – Sunchild
LazerBeam The Legendary Cold Survivor – Volition
Robbie Rapids – Turn Back Around
Ubiquity Machine – Hey You
Kingdom Calm – In My Mind
Bromsen – We!
Fish And Scale – Stay!
Flatfoot Sam – Come
SAGE SUEDE – My Dank in Deadly
Mort Jardin – Soaked in Fever
This August Age – Caterpillar
Sloppy Joe’s – Some Broken Hearts Never Mend (Live)
Jefferson Denim – First Christmas Without You (Changing Seasons)
Shannon Hawley – Walk Each Other Home
Scott DL’s Enlightenment Saloon – Universal Travelers